The workshop started as a hobby

About 17 years ago Karita made her first scroll sawed products. These products were made only for her own use. But when friends saw what she had made, they asked her to make something similar also for them. This is how it all began. She became more and more interested and involved in her handicraft. After some years the hobby was already a part-time work and since some years it is a full time job in her own firm; Karitas Snickarbod. As she produces everything herself, each product is of course a result of her handicraft and everything is given a  personal touch.

In the beginning the sales and marketing of the products were handled partly via exhibitions for handicraft and via smaller sales happenings in different places. These events gave good opportunities to create the first contacts to the customers.
    As her products became more known in the region, the need for such channels were not as big anymore.

Many of the products are made according to old patterns mainly from the period 1920 - 1930 but an increasing number   of her articles are nowadays of her own design.

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